Subaru Spring Maintenance

It's finally here.  The spring no one thought would arrive. Winter has come and gone, and now you no longer have to start the car and turn on the heat 10 minutes before you go. It's time to roll down the windows, take the top down and feel the spring breeze.

Also, now that the roads are clear and the ground has thawed, it's time for spring-cleaning and maintenance.  No, I'm not talking about cleaning out the garage or mowing the lawn, I'm talking about your car!

Your car is not only fun to drive, it's also your lifeline!  And the very best way to protect your Kenny Ross Subaru is to pay close attention to its service and maintenance needs.  It cannot be stressed enough: Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring peak performance and vehicle value.

Luckily, every new Subaru from Kenny Ross comes with a manual that tells you exactly what the vehicle will need and when. It's a must read for every driver and a great reference tool for staying on the right track.

Different vehicles have different needs and maintenance schedules, but there are a few overlying commonalities that every driver needs to know.

Following the manufacturer's maintenance recommendation and staying up to date with routine service needs is always your best bet. Fortunately, Kenny Ross Subaru has the very best service engineers and specialists who will give your car the best care it can get.

In addition, there are simple things to look for that every driver should be aware of.

For instance, you don't need to be a mechanic to notice that you may have a taillight out. It's a good idea to conduct a "lights on" walkabout to check all vehicle lighting and function.


In addition to routine light checks, you should also make a habit of checking your tire pressure and tread wear, at least once a month. And, be sure to keep your Subaru on a routine schedule for tire rotation and alignment at our service department. This ensures optimal road performance and guards against damaging wear and unexpected future repairs. This is vital to keeping your Kenny Ross Subaru performing in top condition.

Inspect your battery, looking for any mineral deposits or leaks. While you're at it, inspect your timing and serpentine belts. Your maintenance guide will tell you when they should be replaced, but check them yourself for corrosion or damage. If they fail, your car will break down, no doubt about it.

Check your fluid levels. Again, consult your vehicle manual for guidance as to location and methods for checking.

You'll also want to pay attention to your air filters. Replacing the cabin air filter at the same time as the engine air filter is the usual recommendation. It's a good idea to keep an eye on these filters to optimize engine performance and efficiency-- so take a peek. If it's dirty, it's past time to swap it out. Your Kenny Ross service consultant will be happy to guide you with recommendations.

Check your Spark Plugs. If your Spark Plugs aren't functioning at peak performance, then your engine isn't able to work efficiently, resulting in poor fuel economy and a possible breakdown or engine damage.

While this may sound like a lot of work, it can't be stressed enough that preventative work and maintenance on your car will always cost less than repairing damage and failure.

That's why staying on top of your vehicle's maintenance needs is so important to the life of your Subaru.

Turn to our service department at Kenny Ross Subaru with all your service questions and maintenance needs. We have what it takes to keep your Subaru performing like new so you can continue to enjoy the road ahead for several seasons to come.

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