Cross Your Paws

woman feeds dog holding dog bowl
Subaru loves pets and Kenny Ross Subaru is no exception to the rule! We know that four-legged companions are more than pets and we’ve teamed up with Cross Your Paws Rescue, a humane rescue organization dedicated to preventing the abuse of animals and finding them loving homes. In the past, Kenny Ross Subaru has hosted events such as a donation drive for Cross Your Paws in honor of National Make a Dog’s Day! While advocating for shelter and rescue adoptions, Kenny Ross Subaru was able to collect not only hundreds of dollars worth of supplies for foster families, but also over $500 that went directly to the rescue. Kenny Ross Subaru is proud to support Cross Your Paws Rescue’s mission of finding loving forever homes for all canines.

In support of the Dog Days of Summer campaign, Kenny Ross Subaru not only promoted dog adoptions, but also collected numerous donations for the Cross Your Paws Rescue. Kenny Ross Subaru managed to find six puppies their loving forever homes at the event along with a Subaru SUV filled with food, toys, treats, and other supplies. And speaking of that SUV, Kenny Ross Subaru generously offered to sponsor Cross Your Paws with an SUV so that the rescue would be able to transport all the rescue dogs. In the past, individual volunteers would transport the dogs in need in their own vehicles. If you are interested in supporting Cross Your Paws Rescue, either via fostering or volunteering, let Cross Your Paws Rescue know. They’d love to hear from you!