Best Family Cars of 2018

Choosing the Right Vehicle for your Family

The number of cars on the market these days has risen to incredible levels. Every year that passes brings about an entire new set of cars for families to choose from. Buying a car to get you from one place to another is easy, but when you are given the job of finding the best car for family of 5 there are all sorts of considerations that come into play, safety being paramount of course. We will examine some of the main considerations to help you decide what family car is best-suited for your clan.

What defines a Family Car?

This may seem like an odd question, but when you begin looking into the best family cars you will realize that there's shortage of things to consider. A family car is one that fits the needs of your particular family. Too many times families will take the most economic approach only to realize that the two-door configuration can be terribly inconvenient when placing your kids in the tiny backseat. Even if a car claims it can fit five people, you need to consider the size of the people they are talking about. Your family will grow in both size and sometimes the number of people, so whether you are buying a used family car or a new one, you need to ensure that the all members of your family can be comfortable throughout the ride for years to come.

Family Cars for the Driver

The family style car has greatly changed over the course of the past few decades. The station wagon style family car that defined the family car for the later part of the last century have given way to remarkably styled family cars that do not have the underwhelming performance that characterizes "classic" family cars. The family sports car is here to stay and although it may be something you want to consider, you also need to think about the fact that many of these sporty family cars are considered ideal for smaller families.

Best Family SUV

The average family cannot find complete comfort in the average small to mid-sized car. It sometimes takes a lot more space to accommodate the needs of a larger family with all of their stuff. SUVs today are among the safest family cars on the road and in addition to that they are becoming more and more fuel efficient and affordable. Even some of luxury brands are making the luxury family car into the next SUV on the road. When shopping for the best SUV for your family, you need to consider not only your personal family, but also any activities the family members may be involved in. Sports equipment for example requires that you have ample cargo space. Some SUVs will maximize seating space by simply cramming a very small seat into the rear of the vehicle. While shopping for a vehicle, sit in every seat to determine whether your growing family will be comfortable and if the added seating is worth it.

Overall Costs

Shopping for the best family car is not as simple as choosing the options and features you want. Like any important purchase, budgeting will be of some concern. Not only will you have to consider price when purchasing the car, you will also have to consider what are the most affordable family cars to insure. Aside from those questions, you will want to fully understand the expected general maintenance of the vehicle you choose. These issues should be addressed before the final purchase is made to make certain that you can afford the overall cost of the car throughout its lifetime.

Fuel Economy

Throughout the years more and more family cars are becoming fuel efficient. The best family cars of 2018 contain some of the most fuel-efficient models available. A family can drive a lot taking members to all their activities and the cost of fuel should be considered alongside the cost of the vehicle itself. So, which family cars have good fuel economy? These are the cars that utilize fuel in a more efficient way than the standard engine. Engine technology has revolutionized the way we drive and many large family cars have better fuel economy than many of the older, economic cars of the past. Fuel efficiency is important, but with these advancements in the technology, it is quickly becoming a consideration for different vehicle models rather than entire types of vehicles.

The time will come when your current mode of transportation is just not working for the family. If you are thinking of buying a family car, asking the right questions can make all the difference. Considerations need to be made from cars for a baby all the way up to what are the best cars for families with dogs. The right vehicle is out there for your family, but you will never know if you don't look, and getting the right family car will make all the difference.

Our Best Family Cars

2018 Subaru Outback - For years, the Subaru outback has defined the family car. Designed for the adventurous, the Outback can take you places most cars can't. Great off-road, but also great gas mileage on, the Outback is your fuel efficient commuting car, but also your expedition vehicle. Inquire about the 2018 Outback today.

2018 Subaru Forester - The 2018 Forester shares the adventurous spirit of the Outback, with a bit more space for the journey. An industry leading crossover, the 2018 Forester improves on the already award winning model, and is ideal for drivers with a family.

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